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What do you do?




Adapting a client’s body of work to be better understood by a target audience is especially important when approaching a new international market.

Simple and literal translation of the original marketing material is usually not enough, but it’s what we see most common when a small company wants to attract a wider customer base.

Localization is a ‘360 degree’ approach that can include any or all of the following:

  • photography

  • meaning-based translation focused on the message or feeling you want to convey

  • redesign of website or other marketing material

  • brand image consulting

  • market research



Logistics Analyst


I have nearly a decade of experience working with clients in a wide range of industries and sizes, from from luxury brands expanding into saturated international markets of highly discerning consumers, to small, privately-owned restaurants and municipal tourist spots focusing on attracting more inbound visitors from overseas.

When expanding the scope of your company’s outreach, you will come up against red tape and unforeseen supply chain hiccups.

I navigate these for you with an eye on efficiency and optimization of the entire process.