I am a Japanese-to-English translatorphotographer, and Airbnb host based in Kochi, Japan since 2005.

Outside of my work, I enjoy spending times on DIY projects around the house, the game of Go, and Forex trading. Casual interests include massage, UI/UX design, Feng Shui, life-hacking, conceptual art, minimalism, futurism, and trans-humanism. Sometimes I write about these and other things in the blog section of this site.

Meyers-Briggs has me pegged as an INTJ.

You can connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn.


I have been freelance translating through Omnitec Japan since 2010 where I have translated for global brands such as AMADA and KOKUYO. Privately, I have completed projects for local enterprises like Kochi Univeristy of Technology, Muroto Geopark, and GENGORO.


Since 2007 I have pursued digital photography as a hobby, and sometimes get a chance to do it for works, too. Most recently I have done event photography for Tosa Gyoen Hotel, and product photography for Kawamura Coral.

Airbnb Host

In June 2015 my wife and I listed our guestroom in Airbnb. We’ve had a steady flow of guests and have enjoyed hosting all of them! If you are visiting Kochi City, we’d be thrilled to host you at our place. We are Henro pilgrim friendly, too!

Photo of Adam Chamness' listing on Airbnb